Installation instructions

Non-python dependencies

Scaper has one non-python dependency: - FFmpeg:

If you are installing Scaper on Windows, you will also need: - SoX:

On Linux/macOS SoX is replaced by [SoxBindings]( which is significantly faster, giving better runtime performance in Scaper. On these platforms SoxBindings is installed automatically when calling pip install scaper (see below).

On macOS ffmpeg can be installed using homebrew:

>>> brew install ffmpeg

On linux you can use your distribution’s package manager, e.g. on Ubuntu (15.04 “Vivid Vervet” or newer):

>>> sudo apt-get install ffmpeg

NOTE: on earlier versions of Ubuntu ffmpeg may point to a Libav binary which is not the correct binary. If you are using anaconda, you can install the correct version by calling:

>>> conda install -c conda-forge ffmpeg

Otherwise, you can obtain a static binary from the ffmpeg website.

On Windows you can use the provided installation binaries:

Installing Scaper

The simplest way to install scaper is by using pip, which will also install the required dependencies if needed. To install scaper using pip, simply run

>>> pip install scaper

To install the latest version of scaper from source:

  1. Clone or pull the lastest version:
>>> git clone
  1. Install using pip to handle python dependencies:
>>> cd scaper
>>> pip install -e .